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Nov 24, 2002 · ANTEROS - God of passion APLU - Etruscan weather god ASTREA - Goddess of justice BELCHANS - Etruscan god of fire CARMEN/CARMINA - Goddess of the casting of spells and of enchantments CAUTHA - Etruscan Sun God; he is depicted rising from the sea CLOACINA - Etruscan Goddess of Sewers and Filth; also the protector of sexual intercourse in marriage. In art, he was portrayed as a naked youth wearing a helmet and carrying a spear.


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[1] Laran also appears to be an underworld god. APLU (Apollo) is the most Greek of the pantheon and turns up in many places as an auxiliary character, standing at the side. USIL, a sun good, is assimilated to APLU.

The Mars of Todi, a life-sized Etruscan bronze sculpture of a soldier making a votive offering, most likely to Laran, the Etruscan god of war; late 5th to early 4th century BCE.

Turan was the goddess of love, beauty, desire, fertility and vitality in Etruscan mythology and the patron goddess of the city of Velch. Punisher of broken oaths. .

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Laran would go on to be merged with the Greek pantheon's Ares and his Etruscan companion Veive to form the Roman's god of war:.

According to some scholars, he also seems to have.

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Laran's consort was Turan, goddess of love and fertility, who was equated with the Latin Venus. Done.

Apr 6, 2022 · The warrior is clearly a prestige object, a worthy votive dedication.
Laran, in Etruscan mythology was the god of war.


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Apulu - Aplu-Etruscan God of oracles, healing, archery, music, arts, knowledge, light, herds, flocks and protection of the young. The upper exergue has the goddess of dawn in her four-horse chariot. Laran is the Etruscan equivalent of the Greek Ares and the Roman Mars.

. May 23, 2023 · “@b0cstar Etruscan language had many words that also sounded a little "semites",which for a long time led to believe that they originated in Middle East (for example "God" which in Canaanite was "EL" in Etruscan was "VEL")But genetic analyzes have shown that Etruscans were natives of Italy”. The warrior is clearly a prestige object, a worthy votive dedication. In art, he was portrayed as a naked youth wearing a helmet, a cuirass and carrying a spear, shield, or lance. . .


It was the Lar Familiaris or household God and would have been. .


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Jan 4, 2023 · Catha and Usil, the sun and moon, Tivr, the moon, Selvans, a civil god, Turan, the goddess of love, Laran, the god of war, Leinth, the goddess of death, Maris, Thalna, Turms, and the ever-popular Fufluns, whose name is connected in some way to the city of Populonia and the populus Romanus, perhaps the god of the people.